Saturday, June 1, 2013

Snippet Sunday #1

This is my first Snippet Sunday, and I'm going to post something that's a part of something I just started. If you're interested in reading on, or even interested in helping me bounce ideas, please contact me! Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my first ten sentences:

On May the fourth, a new android named July had been reported missing. Today was now the fifth, and Henry knew that July would not be found.

July had been a new android, only three years old, a 8OREALIS. His face had been freshly assembled, unmarred by a broken nose or chipped teeth, and was not yet affected by whatever the random genetic string his tissues would decide to do with him with age. In other words, he looked pretty much identical to all the other 8OREALIS models assembled in his year, but he was different:  he was different because in those three years of life, he had five different owners. Three of those owners were dead, and the other two had passed him on in less than a month of ownership with no explanation.

July's record was very, very bad, and as far as Henry could tell, this was through no fault of July's own. That didn't really matter, though. Henry had known androids get labeled as "cursed" for less, and "cursed" androids tended to end up as scrap, torn apart for organs, the best of their electronics sold off, the worst of them melted down. By now, July had been half-cannibalized, and by the end of the week the rest of him would be gone, too.
Thank you for reading! 


  1. Oh that's an interesting snippet. So will July really disappear or will they only think that because it's what usually happens? Seems like July is a force to be reckoned with with all those dead owners. A half-cannibalized android killer. Look forward to next week!

    History Sleuth's Milk Carton Murders

  2. Sounds good! I'll definitely be back next week to find out more about this android.


  3. July doesn't seem to want to disappear so easily, it seems to have a mystery going on with all the death around him as well. And disappearing in May also sounds a bit early too.

  4. Very interesting!

    Androids, deaths, disappearance, and a lot of possibl directions. Cool!

  5. Wow, great snippet. Androids, by definition, can't harm humans. So what is going on?

  6. Welcome to the group. I'm very interested to find out what happens next!

  7. Welcome to Snippet Sunday. You had me at ANDROID!!! Keep going, don't hold back! ;)